Novir seamlessly integrates technology and medical expertise to deliver a comprehensive approach to health. With a focus on accuracy and precision, Novir ensures that the information you receive is reliable, enabling you to make proactive decisions for your health.

Our Model

Novir is establishing a new “pre” care pathway focusing on shifting the traditional healthcare journey from symptoms to diagnosis to a preventative model that provides affordable and accessible screenings to anyone, anywhere. Our model focuses on detection, analysis, diagnosis, and therapy – stitching together the patient journey from end to end.

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Our Approach

With our proprietary end to end testing methods, we ensure accessibility, as well technologies that enable the pre-care pathway for anyone, anywhere, anytime.


Convenient and hassle-free, at-home testing brings the laboratory to your doorstep, allowing you to comfortably and securely perform necessary tests in the familiar surroundings of your own home.

Virtual Proctoring

Provides convenience to the individual by offering services accessible online via remote proctoring.

On-Site Clinics

Whether it’s a school, workplace, or community setting, on-site testing clinics ensure easy access to testing services, promoting efficiency and convenience for all individuals involved.



Novir’s award-winning on-site health assessments provide security and comfort within an organization while accessible and hassle-free.


Novir offers a comprehensive suite of products for individual and professional use.

Remote Service

Novir’s services are available worldwide, from the comfort of your own home with virtual proctoring.


TRACK by Novir can be tailored to suit your unique needs, digitizing registration, information gathering, and result delivery.