Novir’s remote service program facilitates screening from the comfort of your own home. Our services are available worldwide: using virtual proctoring to provide quick care solutions.

Our Unique Approach

With our proprietary remote service method we ensure accessibility, as well as a positive employee and employer experience.


Providing access to services via a virtual experience at the individual’s home or workplace.

Employee Experience

Provides convenience to the individual by offering services accessible online via remote proctoring.

Employer Experience

Provides detailed tracking visibility for HR team and delivers a better candidate/employee experience.



Novir’s award-winning on-site health assessments provide security and comfort within an organization while accessible and hassle-free.


Novir offers a comprehensive suite of products for individual and professional use.

World Class Service

Our services are available any time, anywhere with expert staff members providing end-to-end support.


TRACK by Novir can be tailored to suit your unique needs, digitizing registration, information gathering, and result delivery.