Technology Solutions

Novir’s best-in-class technology cuts across our testing and vaccination solutions, automating the COVID-19 testing and vaccination processes, while helping you manage access to your events and workplaces, from the palm of your hand.

Our proprietary TRACK software solution helps deliver seamless testing events — whether it’s us doing the testing or you via our INSTA OnSite solution.

Novir INSTAPass is a complete virus and COVID-19 management solution for your workplace and events.

TRACK by Novir

We tailor TRACK to suit your unique needs, digitizing virus test registration, information gathering, and result delivery, and enabling compliance reporting to give you a bird’s-eye view of the status of your organization. It .. 

  • Enables remote registration to make testing more efficient;
  • Electronically delivers test results to patients (or parents), even if they are no longer on-site; 
  • Enables site administrators or Novir personnel to generate reports to send to health officials, or use internally, saving time and money; and 
  • Generates “proof of test” receipts to send to insurance companies, or to be used as a passport to enter buildings or events.

Data is secure and HIPAA compliant.

Novir INSTAPass

INSTAPass technology digitizes test scheduling, location information, access and ticketing to deliver a SAFER attendee and employee experience. A Digital Passport can be delivered to participants on their phone to grant access, with a negative test. Vaccine records are also verified through INSTAPass as part of a secure, HIPAA-compliant and efficient process that helps you meet local, state and federal regulations. 

The goal: Deliver a safe experience for all participants, helping you establish trust you are managing health risks at your facility with consistent and transparent measures. It also enables you to make informed, timely decisions about your business.