Novir provides top-of-the-line health risk management programs, including risk evaluation and bio assessment, health risk modification, education, coaching, self-care, and increased participation, designed to assist employees in improving their health while increasing productivity and reducing total healthcare costs.

Health Risk Assessment

Our HRA is an AI-based intelligent predictive modeling tool that combines data from demographics, medical and pharmaceutical claims, biometrics and laboratory data, and lifestyle and interest data.

Using this predictive modeling approach, we typically identify 20% to 40% of the population as either previously diagnosed, at elevated, high, or serious risk for a pre-disease condition, or having a biometric score of Fair, Poor, or Very Poor.

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A biometric Screening, or “biometric assessment,” is a clinical screening performed for employees at a company’s workplace or in the comfort of the employee’s home. Biometric screenings are used to identify and monitor certain health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.
An employer may request employees to complete biometric screenings to provide a baseline assessment on the overall health of their workforce, and monitor emerging health conditions that may lead to more serious health concerns.

Biometric screenings provide employers with aggregate data about the overall health of their workforce, helping employers make adjustments in their health plan benefits and addressing select issues that may be prevalent among the employee population.

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Our algorithim is one of the most robust, scalable and flexible predictive software tools on the market today. The algorithms are scientifically based metrics that collect verifiable, actual or best-evidenced health data. We predict the danger level of disease progression and apply preemptive intervention to prevent it. Each of our predictive results is confirmed, and each level of disease risk category is verified.

Our predictive accuracy is up to 80%. For customers with a special requirement, we will customize according to the client’s needs.

Our predictive model is certified by Intel/GE Institute for Remote Care and Population Management Health Sectors.

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