Novir serves customers worldwide with its team of medical experts, trusted partners and technology, delivering smart, fast and flexible testing solutions supported by reliable, cost-effective screening products. We are able to address any segment and industry, from inner-city schools to manufacturers to community pharmacies to summer camps to hotels — and countless others.

We are proud of the partnerships we have built, and of the feedback our partners are sharing.

Frank Lavey

Senior Vice President, Global Operations

We did a testing event with Novir at our corporate office, and it went great. It showed how seamless the process was and how quickly the results were returned. It was so rewarding to see the warm human interaction between team members after they received their test results. This demonstrates the power of the confidence testing will build if you’re doing it on a frequent basis.

We hope to extend that to our hotels, where in the near future we will hopefully be back with large numbers of people, conferences, conventions and large social events. We will be able to use Novir’s expertise to help us do that.

Novir is the preferred COVID-19 testing provider for Hyatt Hotels, and led a testing event for Hyatt headquarters employees in March.

Jennifer Pagels

Vice President of Human Resources

Employees like the convenience of getting vaccinated at their worksite and the ability to include family members. We have found a good partner in Novir. They customized our on-site vaccination clinics to fit the needs of our employees and our business.

Novir led an on-site COVID-19 vaccination clinic for Aprilaire employees in two locations in April.

William L. Komisar

Chief Financial Officer

Novir was a terrific partner for our on-site vaccination clinic. They were very flexible in their approach, and were eager to work with us to address our needs. The entire process was smooth and efficient, from setup to administering the shots to teardown. Our employees really appreciated the convenience of the clinic, and it showed our commitment as a company to keeping them healthy and serving our customers during the pandemic.

Novir led an on-site COVID-19 vaccination clinic for Asenzya Inc. employees in March.

Hank Kohl

President and CEO

It’s a terrific partnership with Novir. Testing is an effective tool to help us stay safe and ensure business continuity as we manufacture lifesaving medical devices. It also upholds our role as a responsible employer for the greater good to our employees, the community and customers.

Novir has delivered comprehensive, on-site antibody, antigen and PCR testing to MPE-INC employees — the same workers who are manufacturing Novir-branded antibody and antigen tests starting in 2021 — as the company sought to keep its people safe, limit outbreaks and reduce potential downtime.

Gregg Bach

Assistant Head of School

Testing was always important to us. We even purchased our own equipment thinking we could do this ourselves … but realized this was going to be difficult. That is where we met Novir, and we are very happy we did because they had all the answers we didn’t.

Novir is delivering onsite antigen and PCR testing to more than 1,000 students, faculty and staff, and is offering a daily, on-campus testing center, funded by health insurance reserves.

Charlie Stalle

Team Leader

Our business is face to face. That is why I wanted to make sure our people and their families have peace of mind heading into the holidays. My first call was to Novir. They run everything — it’s very turnkey. All we have to do is provide them the space. We will definitely do this throughout the pandemic.

Novir delivered comprehensive, on-site antibody, antigen and PCR testing to Keller Williams real estate employees and family members prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas.