Our Travel, Entertainment & Leisure Solution

Novir partners with you to deliver rapid, reliable and cost-effective COVID-19 screening solutions. 

We pair our high-quality antigen, antibody, and PCR tests with an easy, fast and reliable technology platform with an unmatched team of medical experts, trusted partners and technology to customize a solution for your hotel, conference center or event facility. Our customer service sets us apart.

Protect Your Facilities, Teams and Guests

We provide hotels and event venues turnkey, onsite COVID-19 antigen, antibody and PCR testing programs supported by our technology platform, using an efficient and compliant process. Our goal is to help you reopen and stay open safely and confidently. Novir can assist in testing for … 

  • Your event attendees, to enable safe gatherings; 
  • Your business partners, making tests available for them at your facilities;
  • Your employees, to provide an added layer of protection and extra peace of mind, and to help ensure a safe workspace; and
  • Your hotel guests, to boost customer confidence.
  • We can also deliver concierge testing for international airline travelers.

Software Solution: Novir INSTAPass

Novir wants to help you hold events again — and make them and your workplace safer.

Novir ‘s INSTAPass delivers a complete virus and COVID-19 management solution to help you maintain a safe experience for event attendees and your workers, building confidence in the measures you are taking to safely open and enabling you to make informed, timely decisions about your business. 

The INSTAPass technology is “paperless” and digitizes test scheduling, location information, access and ticketing to deliver a safer attendee and employee experience. A Digital Passport delivered to participants on their phone grants them access. Vaccine records are also verified through INSTAPass as part of a secure, HIPAA-compliant and efficient process that helps you meet local, state and federal regulations. INSTAPass can also integrate into existing digital ticketing apps. 

Our Tests

Novir wants to be your trusted source for COVID-19 tests and support. We offer a dependable supply of ready-to-access products, including our own branded rapid antibody and rapid antigen tests, made in Wisconsin, coming in 2021.

Rapid Antigen

Diagnostic test that detects the surface protein of the virus. The sample is collected with a nasal swab or saliva — from a vehicle, if necessary — with results in 15 minutes.

Rapid Antibody

This finger-prick blood test detects if you have produced antibodies to COVID-19, helping you understand if you have ever had the virus. Results in 15 minutes.

Diagnostic PCR

“Gold standard” Polymerase Chain Reaction diagnostic tests to detect live virus. Sample collected with nasal swab, results in less than 48 hours.

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