Our Pharmacy Solution

Novir partners with you and your pharmacy to deliver rapid, reliable and cost-effective COVID-19 screening solutions.

We pair our high-quality antigen, antibody, and PCR tests with an easy, fast and reliable technology platform with an unmatched team of medical experts, trusted partners and technology to customize a solution for your pharmacy.

Our customer service and technology platform sets us apart, as we work with you to deliver significant revenue and profit potential with the most efficient process possible.

Protect Your Customers, and Community

Local pharmacies have long been seen as trusted medical providers in their communities, and many are turning to COVID-19 testing as an added service for their customers during these uncertain times, complementing their coronavirus vaccination efforts and flu shots. 

It’s smart business, and the right thing to do for your community, to slow the spread of the illness and keep your customers healthy. People are increasingly demanding rapid antigen and antibody testing to know if they are infectedWe can help you meet that demand. 

Our Tests

Novir wants to be your trusted source for COVID-19 tests and support. We offer a dependable supply of ready-to-access products, including our own branded rapid antibody and rapid antigen tests, made in Wisconsin, coming in 2021. 

Rapid Antigen

Diagnostic test that detects the surface protein of the virus. The sample is collected with a nasal swab or saliva — from a vehicle, if necessary — with results in 15 minutes. 

Rapid Antibody

This finger-prick blood test detects if you have produced antibodies to COVID-19, helping you understand if you have ever had the virus. Results in 15 minutes. 

Diagnostic PCR

“Gold standard” Polymerase Chain Reaction diagnostic tests to detect live virus. Sample collected with nasal swab, results in less than 48 hours.

Let’s Work Together

We want to customize a solution that works for you, and get you up and running quickly. Then we will be with you every step of the way, as you ramp up your testing program. It starts with getting your CLIA certification if required, followed by providing high quality tests and finally pulling the process together around a technology platform that manages patient data and state results reporting.

CLIA Consultation

We offer CLIA Certification consultation, and can normally get you your CLIA WAIVED Certification in a week or less.


We’ll train you to administer tests, offering a variety of “how to” video and digital assets through our online portal.


We tailor our HIPAA-complaint TRACK technology to your unique needs, streamlining patient registration, digitizing information gathering, automating results delivery, and enabling reporting.

For more information, and to see how we can partner with you and your pharmacy, please contact Tom Meccariello, Sales Director-Pharmacies, at tom@novir-usa.com.