Our Solution

Novir delivers smart, reliable, fast and flexible testing solutions for companies, schools, and organizations of all sizes. Our customer service sets us apart.

  • Full service: We come on-site with our experts and testing partners to efficiently screen your employees, students and/or customers. Testing takes three minutes, with results in the cloud.

  • Self service, with support: We send you our turnkey testing kits, instructions to administer those tests safely, and provide customer support from our team.

Software Platform

Our Track technology platform automates the testing process, putting your organization’s results in the palm of your hand, helping you make sense of your results to make data-driven decisions for your organization. 

  • Seamlessly generate reports
  • Data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant
  • Symptom checker helps screen people for possible infection

Comprehensive Testing Program

Diagnostic Antigen

A quicker, less expensive and less complex diagnostic test that detects the surface protein of the virus. Sample collected with nasal swab or sputum, results in 15 minutes. 


Finger-prick blood test detects if you have produced antibodies to COVID-19, helping you understand if you have ever had the virus with even mild or no symptoms. Results in 15 minutes. 

Diagnostic PCR

“Gold standard” Polymerase Chain Reaction diagnostic tests to detect live virus. Sample collected with nasal swab, results in less than 48 hours.

Novir Overview