CDC Director: “Testing Remains a Critical Approach to Ending the Pandemic” Amid “Impending Doom” of Virus Spikes

Rapid testing can help slow the spread of COVID-19, and people should continue to get tested even after getting vaccinated. That is according to the Centers for Disease Control, which on March 17 issued new guidance around COVID-19 testing. “Testing remains a critical approach to ending the pandemic,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said, adding a March 29 warning of “impending doom” amid virus spikes.

According to the guidelines: “Rapid, point-of care serial screening can identify asymptomatic cases and help interrupt SARS-CoV-2 transmission. This is especially important when community risk or transmission levels are substantial or high” and “prior receipt of an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine will not affect the results of SARS-CoV-2 viral tests (NAAT or antigen).”

More information from the University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

These recommendations follow guidance for schools issued on Feb. 12, when the CDC stated: “When schools implement testing combined with mitigation, they can detect new cases to prevent outbreaks, reduce the risk of further transmission, and protect students, teachers, and staff from COVID-19.”

Other respected goverment, medical and instituational experts are stressing the importance of rapid testing as well, including Dr. Michael Mina, an assistant professor of epidemiology at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health. He discusses the topic in this press conference.

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Novir Wins Milwaukee Business Journal Tech Award

As businesses and schools shut down in March 2020 due to Covid-19, Alexander Kempe quickly recognized the urgent need for testing to help slow the spread of the disease and allow organizations to reopen. A former GE Healthcare executive turned entrepreneur and investor, Kempe struck a partnership with Noviral, a company in his native Sweden, to form Novir in spring 2020.

Novir offers rapid full-service, on-site antigen, antibody and PCR testing for customers ranging from schools to manufacturers, to hotels. As of February, Novir had performed tens of thousands of Covid-19 tests.

In 2021, the company expanded to help customers perform the tests on their own, equipping them with testing kits, training materials and customer support. The company’s proprietary software can be tailored to the needs of businesses and schools, including information gathering, result delivery and compliance reporting. Novir recently became a test manufacturer in partnership with Milwaukee-based MPE-INC. Its branded antibody tests can be administered onsite with results in minutes. Full Story | Novir Profile

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Novir Approved as COVID-19 Vaccine Provider, Offering In-House Clinics for Companies and Other Customers

Novir can now come to you to administer COVID-19 vaccines to your eligible employees and their families. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has approved the Milwaukee-based company as a vaccine provider, and Novir is using its allotted doses to schedule in-house vaccination clinics for area companies and other employers.

This unique approach — when combined with a comprehensive testing program and other mitigation efforts — offers an added layer of safety to help businesses and organizations reopen, and stay open, safely, responsibly and confidently. Full press release