CDC: Testing Can “Protect Students, Teachers, Staff From COVID-19”

The federal Centers for Disease Control on Feb. 12 issued new guidance for schools, calling it “critical for schools to open as safely and as soon as possible, and remain open” — and, as they do, “adopt and consistently implement actions to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2 both in schools and in the community.” This includes testing. According to the CDC: “When schools implement testing combined with mitigation, they can detect new cases to prevent outbreaks, reduce the risk of further transmission, and protect students, teachers, and staff from COVID-19.”

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In-Person Learning Thanks to Rapid COVID Testing

“We use rapid test, antibody and antigen tests and that facilitates a quick turnaround time on results which is 10-15 minutes and then you know and essentially take action if you need or have an understanding of the setting you are in to make it safer than it was before,” said Melissa Benson, director of operations for Seton Catholic Schools. She says the added layer of protection, helps the schools have the information on hand to make decisions on a regular basis and catch positive cases to avoid them from coming into the building. Keeping everyone safe while still learning. Fox 6: Full Story

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