A study conducted at Uppsala University, in collaboration with the Academic Hospital in Uppsala, showed that the specificity of the test is 100% for IgM and 99.2% for IgG. The study is published and can be provided here. A further evaluation, with a quantitative so-called “gold standard”, which can determine which of the positive samples from the study actually had detectable IgM and IgG antibodies respectively, shows extremely strong sensitivity with 100% for both IgM and IgG! The results thus look very promising and this test has stuck out in quality in comparison with other similar antibody tests in several studies from different countries. However, it should be pointed out that no tests are 100 percent, nor are Novir’s , and from this, we collect more and more data to have additional evidence on the test’s accuracy. There are also further studies in the Uppsala research team on precisely our tests with larger control panels (more samples) to secure the numbers more and more. However, what we can conclude is that the tests are of a very high standard!