Antigen Testing Information

Viral Antigen ID: Performed on specimens obtained via nasopharyngeal or nasal swabs.

The test methodology is a well-established, widely used Fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA), provided under FDA-granted EUA for the detection and identification of specific protein structures associated with SARS-CoV-2, namely: the spike protein, and the nucleocapsid protein (both known as viral antigens), is highly specific for confirming COVID-19. The FDA has authorized one

(1) testing system EUA in determining the presence of SARS-Co-V-2 Antigen. That test, the
Quidel Sofia Viral Antigen, is one of the three (3) testing systems in AHA’s COVID-19 testing
platform. The test is 99%-100% specific in detecting the presence of viral protein and is used for
confirmatory and selective accuracy across the COVID-19 infection timeline.

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Please note the tests are not for private use. Tests should be performed by trained healthcare personnel.